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Model: WAX-OILCA500
An oil with a particularly fluid, light texture which leaves the freshly treated skin gleaming. Enriched with Calendula Recitative, with famed soothing properties that make this product ideal for cleansing the most sensitive, delicate skins...
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Model: WAX-OILCAM500
Natural after-wax oil Chamomile. Containing a blend of sunflower and soy seeds oil, it removes wax residues easily, leaving the skin well moisturised. The products has a pleasant, delicate chamomile fragrance...
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Model: OIL-ALOE500
A cleansing oil with a soft, delicate character, rich in refined vegetable oils: applied after hair removal, it is ideal for keeping the skin smooth and healthy. With its Aloe Vera content, this product is even well tolerated by skins which tend to redden...
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Model: HLV100ML
Suitable for all skin types. Facilitates the process of hair removal from the follicles. At room temperature, the wax has a thicker consistency, which is easily heated with a special wax heater. Used with waxing paper strip. Instructions for use: Heat the cartridge with wax in a special heater. ..
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Hard depilation wax 1 kg
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